Behind the Name: Satria Rezky Pratama

October 20, 2009

Satria Rezky Pratama

Brown Tiger

Brown Tiger

I am Brown Tiger, who will not bargain about my love affair, or suck up to my boss, so my words carry a lot of weight.

My attitude is at ease any where I am, and this creates feeling of security to others.

I am not a shy person, and can clearly state my own opinion to anyone, this powerful conversational skill tends to be attractive to others.

I also listen to the other person carefully, and can adapt flexibly to situations, by correctly grasping their points.

I dislike getting in unnecessary conflict, but I possess a strength to not withdraw when the need arise.

If I get too confident over my ability, people may think I am pretentious.

I may look as though as I contemptuous to others.

I am quick thinker; I can make quick decisions, and I’m a person of action.

When the time comes for the need to stand up and act, I will.

I have a face of a theorist.

The way I can talk logically persuades other people.

Although I am not a smooth operator, I can not act negligently; I am a very responsible person.

Although I am a late starter, with experience, I will be able to acquire further insight and self-criticism.


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